July 9, 2020
Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

Windows is widely used all over the world. No matter what Windows version you use on your PC, you may have faced issues when Windows Explorer Keeps crashing. There are multiple reasons for which this might happen, but in addition to understanding all of these, it is important for us to have quick fixes to solve all these issues by sitting at home and following a few simple steps. If you feel that you face this problem pretty often, then the following troubleshooting steps might be essential for you in the future

Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing, How to fix it

  • One of the major reasons behind Windows Explorer Keeps crashing is the unnecessary built up of data. This happens because Windows keep a track of all the recently opened files and folders. Deleting this history will make it possible for the Windows to operate smoothly.
  • If you are using an outdated version of Windows, you may face a frequent problems of Windows Explorer crashing. Make sure that you have updated Windows to the latest version to avoid such problems.
  • Disable all the third party add-ons as well as with thumbnails for a while. Windows might be crashing and operating slowly because of these add-ons. This problem can be eliminated by disabling all the add-ons one by one.
  • Working in one process may cause Windows to crash more often. You can change the settings of the opening of folders by easily launching folders in a separate process.
  • Open the run dialogue box of Windows 2 find the error causing the windows crashing every now and then. This can be done by typing the prompt ‘eventvwr’. Clicking on the ‘Application’ will make it possible for you to realise the errors and logs which you may have to uninstall and reinstall for windows to work smoothly again.

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