July 9, 2020
Roadrunner Email not working

Roadrunner Email not working

Roadrunner is an email service provider that has been gaining fame in the recent years. It raising popularity is mainly due to its ease of use, a huge amount of storage space and uniqueness from other email services. Be that as it may, this additionally prompts a ton of disarray. New clients may face issues on the grounds that the roadrunner email utilization can be very difficult to get a handle on effectively at first. Like every extraordinary thing, the wonder of the Roadrunner email isn’t unaffected by a couple of minor glitches all over. Along these lines, on the off chance that you more than once begin getting any blunder messages or are confronting challenges in login, at that point this article is here to enable you to discover the arrangement. We bring to you the most well-known Roadrunner Email not working issues and give you tips with respect to how you can amend them effectively.

How to fix Roadrunner Email not working issue:

Here are the steps we need to follow in case our Roadrunner Email not working:

  1. Make sure that the browser you are using is compatible with the Roadrunner Email.
  2. Clear the cache and cookies from your browser and try to reload the Roadrunner Email.
  3. Disable all the third party add-ons and extensions in your browser one by one. After disabling the each add-ons and extensions, try to open the Roadrunner Email to find out which extension is causing the problem.
  4. You can also disable the Anti- virus and windows firewall security and try to reopen the Roadrunner email on your computer.
  5. Try to open Roadrunner Email on any other browser and computer in order to see if this resolves the issue.

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How to fix Roadrunner Email not working on iPhone:

  1. Check for correct Roadrunner email IMAP/POP setting for iPhone.

The correct IMAP setting for Roadrunner email on iPhone i given below:

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Email server host-name: mobile.charter.net
  • Incoming Server port: 993
  • SSL: ON (for both SMTP & IMAP)
  • Outgoing Email server host-name: mobile.charter.net
  • Outgoing Server port: 587

Roadrunner Email not working-Setup

2. IMAP setting is more suitable for using Roadrunner Email but you can use POP setting if Roadrunner Email is not working with IMAP.

3. Check for any potential application on your iPhone that can interfere with the proper workflow of Roadrunner email.

4. If any anti-virus app is installed on your iPhone disable that and check if the problem is fixed.

5. If problem continues on your iPhone then report the problem to the Roadrunner support

How to fix Roadrunner Email not working on Android?

Like iPhone, you can also use your Roadrunner email on a browser on your android phone. On the browser, the user experience will not be as good as using it via IMAP/POP.

  1. In case your Roadrunner email not working on android, then check the IMAP/POP setting installed on your smartphone.

The POP setting for using Roadrunner email on android is as follows:

  • Incoming Email server host name: po-server.dc.rr.com
  • Incoming Server port: 110
  • SSL: No
  • Outgoing Email server host-name: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com
  • Outgoing port: 25
  • Authentication: Yes

2. To use roadrunner email on your android device, make sure that you have enough space on your device.

3. Check for any potential application on your android phone that can interfere with the proper workflow of Roadrunner email.

Roadrunner Email not sending Emails:

If you are facing this issue follow the steps given below:

  1. Sometimes Roadrunner email gets blocked due to sending a large number of emails, so make sure you are not facing such issue.
  2. Make sure that you are using a compatible device and browser for Roadrunner email.
  3. Check if you are not typing any wrong email address of your recipient.
  4. You may switch to another browser and try to resend email again.

Roadrunner Email password not working:

If the password of your Roadrunner email is not working then you need to reset it. For that follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the login page of Roadrunner email and click “Forgot your Roadrunner Email Password”.
  2. Provide your Roadrunner email address.
  3. Then you will receive a code to reset you password on your mobile phone or on alternate email.
  4. Enter the password recovery code at the prescribed location.
  5. Create a new Roadrunner password for future login and sign-in using the new password.

Roadrunner email not receiving emails: 

If you have the issue of Roadrunner email not receiving emails follows the steps given below:

  1. Make sure that there is enough space for new email on your account.
  2. Check your spam and trash folder for the desired email.
  3. Check your internet connectivity.
  4. Load Roadrunner email on other browser and device.
  5. Ask the sender to recheck the email address on which he/she is sending the email.

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