July 9, 2020
pinterest not working

Pinterest Not Working

Pinterest is generally found to be a very amusing social platforms where you can find pictures, videos, articles and much more on endless number of topics. It is an entertainment platform which provides you with amazing ideas and latest trends, along with various other uses. generally, the uses of Pinterest find it pretty easy to navigate through and use with the application. However, sometimes the problem of Pinterest not working is reported by many people who use it on Chrome.

Since this issue is becoming pretty common among the masses, you can scroll through the steps given below in order to find a permanent solution to this. Keep on reading to find out how you can easily login to Pinterest on Google Chrome without getting interrupted.

Pinterest not working on Chrome, how to fix?

  • If Google Chrome is constantly fighting to open Pinterest, then you need to reset your web settings on browser.
  • Go to the advanced settings of your browser if Pinterest not working on chrome. After this, turn off the option of using hardware acceleration when available.
  • In order to fix Pinterest and use it without interruption on Google Chrome, restore the browser settings to the ones which was set by default. This can easily be done by going to the advanced settings and restoring the settings to default.
  • Clear the cookies and cache of your browser.
  • If Pinterest is still failing to respond properly, uninstall Google Chrome and download the latest version. Clear all the cookies and cache of your browser after completing this step.
  • Launch Pinterest in a separate browser to see if the problem still persists and figure out whether it is the browser causing the issue for your Pinterest account.

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