July 9, 2020
Outlook Not Working

Outlook not working

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information Manager which includes a variety of other services including emails, calendars and much more. However, for the people who use Outlook very often, there may be cases where did Outlook might stop responding or might freeze for a while. In order to make sure that these issues do not interrupt your services, there are troubleshooting steps which you can take when Outlook not working. The following can provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can easily eliminate the potential problems which may be faced by outlook on your computer

Outlook not working, How to fix it?

  • If outlook is not responding, instead it is showing ‘Processing’, close Outlook. Start it again in a safe mode.
  • Check if any extra dialogue boxes or tabs are open along with Outlook. If this is the case, Outlook may not responding properly. Close all the extra dialogue boxes to make sure that your service is uninterrupted.
  • Make sure that no large operations are taking place at once. Outlook not working might be due to the fact that you are relocating or deleting a large number of messages, or carrying out another large scale process. Waiting in this case is the only option.
  • You can easily enhance the performance of Outlook and reduced any freezes which are caused due to bugs by installing the latest updates.
  • Make sure that all the Microsoft Office programs are up to date and do not have any major issues, which might be interrupt in the working of Outlook.
  • Check for the data files of Outlook and make sure that they are not corrupted.
  • Microsoft customer service can be reached if the problems still persist on your device. Microsoft customer service number can be obtained from the official website and complaints can be processed.

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