August 9, 2020
Juno Customer Service

Juno Customer Service

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Juno Online Services is a subsidiary of United Online and is based in the United States. NetZero and Bluelight Internet Services are other subsidiaries of United Online. In May 1996, Charles Ardai, Brian Marsh, Clifford Tse founded the Juno Online Services. Juno is known for providing free access to its email service. Juno became very popular among people due to various other added services like instant messaging among users. Juno also provides other services like games that can be played on the internet, live news and RSS feeds, watching videos and other updates like weather etc.

Juno Email Customer Service:

Juno has a very simple user interface for interactions of its products with the users. Juno has compatibility with popular web services like Windows-live messenger/MSN messenger or Yahoo is an added bonus. It also offers free storage space of 2GB which is more than enough to safely keep a backup of our files,folders, messages and emails. Other than that, Juno also allow the access of their email services from any smart phone or device that is compatible and has Juno message center.Customer Service Number

Some of the other features that Juno provides are

  • Premium services like extra storage space for storing your files and documents that can be paid for to access.
  • Entertainment packs by Juno with access to recreational and entertainment apps like videos, games etc.
  • Providing internet security while you surf the internet.

However, Juno offers so many advantageous services, users still encounter some of the issues that hamper their browsing experience. In order to fix that, the company started a Juno email customer service team that specializes in helping out the customers who are facing issues with respect to their Juno email accounts. Some of the problems have been mentioned below.

Contact Juno Email Customer Service Phone Number For Solution

  • Email account creation.
  • Recovering your hacked email account.
  • Any problem of a technical nature.
  • Installing the latest email updates from Juno.
  • SMTP errors.
  • Unable to set up new account.
  • Login issues with Juno email account
  • Unable to send or receive emails from your Juno email account
  • Reset the password of your account that you might
    have lost or forgotten

Juno Customer Service Phone Number:

The Juno customer Service team takes all the email issues that you are facing. They analyzes them and then finds a solution that can be implemented easily by a user. The support staff are certified and adequately equipped to handle any kind of issue. So if you have kind of issue in the future, call Juno Customer Service phone number +1-888-900-0401, to get your problem resolved in no time.

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