August 9, 2020
iPhone contacts not Syncing

iPhone contacts not Syncing

Today’s age is the age of internet and technology. So, keeping this in mind, many want to reap the full benefits of technology. Lots of users are using iPhone these days. And most of them wish to synchronize their apple device contacts with Gmail. The benefit of doings this is that it enables you to users can access the contacts from different devices. But as we know that no technology is glitch-free and due to this different issues are bound to occur. So, sometimes users confront the issues related to iPhone contacts not Syncing. So, let’s see what can be the solutions of this problem.

Steps to solve the problem of iPhone contacts not Syncing with Gmail:

  • First of all you must check your Wi-Fi or internet connection. If you find that your internet connection is OK then proceed further to take some other steps.
  • Check whether you have enabled the contacts for synchronization or not. If not then you can have the following procedure: Go to settings and then click on Account and password option. Now you can directly click on your Gmail account. You will see the option of contacts, simply tap on that. Now you can easily synchronize iPhone contacts with Gmail.
  • If you still face issues in synchronization you can also try to set Gmail as your default account. It will assist in making the process of synchronization quite easy.
  • You can also uninstall your Gmail account from your iPhone. After that reinstall your Gmail and try the synchronization process again. Sometimes taking this small step can solve this problem very easily.
  • Instead of using Wi-Fi another solution of this problem is to use cellular network.

So, even after taking all these steps, if you are not able to solve the issue of iPhone contacts not Syncing with Gmail, then don’t worry as you can contact Customer support or take a renowned third-party service provider’s assistance.

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