August 9, 2020
Google Account Recovery

Google Account Recovery With https // for help

There is no exaggeration in saying that there are different modes of communication that plays a pivotal role in staying in touch with your business clients. To make the business deals more quick and convenient, a wide number of users prefer to use electronic mail because it is the fastest and reliable mode of communication. There are different kinds of players involved in granting email facilities to its clients such as Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail and so forth. Because of its diverse features Gmail has surpassed in its popularity all over the world. In spite of such a huge popularity of Gmail there are some peculiar problems associated with this account.  Sometimes the users face some issues related to password. Suppose you lost your password what will you do in such a situation? Gmail provides different ways to solve users’ password related issues. So, you can easily recover your Gmail password and protect your account from the hackers. If you want to learn the steps related to Google Account recovery With https // for help then scroll below and read it.

Various ways for Google Account Recovery:

  • Google account recovery using recovery email.
  • Google account recovery using phone number.
  • Google account recovery with security question.

Google account recovery using recovery email:

  • Go to your Gmail sign in page and enter your mail id.
  • After entering your mail ID click on “forgot your password?” option.
  • It will direct you to a new page where it will ask you to enter methods by which you’re going to recover your mail ID. As you’re not having your registered phone number with you, you can enter your alternative email address which you have given at the time of creating account.
  • Now a verification code will be sent into your alternative email id.
  • Copy the code and enter in the required field. And click on “next” option.
  • Now you will be directed on to the password recovery page where you can enter your new password and confirm it and then click on “Finish” button.

Congratulations you have successfully changed your password.

Google account recovery using phone number

If you have no recovery email address for your Google account, don’t worry Google offers another way to recover Gmail account. Gmail registration needs phone number. You can get the verification code through that phone number and achieve Google account recovery immediately.

  • Go to your Gmail sign in page and enter your mail id.
  • Go to your Gmail Sign in account and click on “forget your password?” option.
  • When the page appears it will have two options by which you can reset your password one is to recover with your alternative email address another is to recover password with your registered phone number.
  • But if you’re not having alternative email address, you can enter your registered phone number and can access the verification code.
  • After entering your registered number, a code will be sent in your mobile number, you can copy the code and paste it in required field.
  • After you enter your code it will take to the page where you can reset your password.

Congratulations you have successfully reset your password.

Google account recovery with security question

Google also provides the third option to recover Gmail account, and it’s through the security question. This does not need any recovery email or your phone number. But the precaution is that you remember the answer exactly.

  • Start Google account recovery page, and input the information Google asks until you see the recovery option page.
  • Choose “Answer my security question” option. If you have set one, the option will become available. Click “Continue” to go to the security question verification page.
  • Answer the security question you set, which is different from each other. If the answer is correct, you will be brought to the password reset page directly.

If you still have issues related to the Google Account Recovery then you can contact or dial to any reliable Gmail technical support third-party that can aid you effectively in solving Gmail password recovery related issues.

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