August 9, 2020

How to reset Gmail password?

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Gmail password is one of the most significant things which we ought to be worried about. Regardless of how significant your record is or how frequently you utilize the Google mail service, protecting the password is constantly critical to secure yourself from the hackers. Despite the fact that, in certain circumstances, you may need to change the Gmail password either because of any potential dangers or similarly as a safety effort. Resetting Gmail password may likewise be vital when you overlooked the password. So, Here we will discuss about How to reset Gmail password.
On the off chance that you confronted any such circumstances which requested the Gmail password reset, this article is for you. Here we will list the steps to change or reset the Google account password without battling much.

How to reset Gmail password without phone number:

1. Go to Gmail sign in page and enter your mail id.
2. Click on “forgot your password?” option, after entering your mail ID
3. This will take you to a new page where it will ask to enter methods by which you’re going to recover your mail ID. As you’re not having your registered phone number with you, you can enter your alternative email address which you have given at the time of creating account.
4. Now a verification code will be sent into your alternative Gmail id.
5. Copy the code and enter in the required field. And click on “next” option.
6. Now you will be directed on to the password recovering page where you can enter your new password and confirm your password and click on “finish” button.
7. Congratulation your password has been successfully changed.

How to reset Gmail password without alternate email:

1. Go to your Gmail Sign in account and click on “forget your password?” option.
2. When the page appears it will have two options by which you can reset your password one is to recover with your alternative email address another is to recover password with your registered phone number.
3. But if you’re not having alternative email address, you can enter your registered phone number and can access the verification code.
4. After entering your registered number, a code will be sent in your mobile number, you can copy the code and paste it in required field.
5. After you enter your code it will take to the page where you can reset your password.
6. Congratulation you have successfully reset your password.

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