July 9, 2020
How to install & delete Yahoo mail App on iPhone

How to install & delete yahoo mail app on iPhone?

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How to install & delete yahoo mail app on iPhone? Simply you just need a few steps and after that you will be able to use your yahoo app on your device. Installing and using Yahoo mail app on your device can save your time and thus helps you in organizing your work. You can also of course use your Mail account in iPhone’s browser i.e. Safari.

Steps for How to install & delete Yahoo mail App on iPhone?

How to install Yahoo Mail app on iPhone?

  • First of all set up your Yahoo! Mail account through which you can send and receive emails in iPhone Mail.
  • Now click on settings option on the iPhone Home screen.
  • You can also open your mail app on your iPhone.
  • Click on Accounts > and then click on Add Account
  • After this you need to choose Yahoo.
  • Click your name in the Name option.
  • Enter your full Yahoo account mail address in the given space.
  • In the Yahoo! Mail account password type Password.
  • Click to Next.
  • Here you will get a lot of options through which you can access your Calendars, Reminders, Mail, Contacts, and Notes for your account.
  • After this, ensure that your Mail is ON to receive emails.
  • Click on save option and your account will appear in the account list.

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You can change any of your account settings anytime for any of the feature linked with your account. If you feel the need to access the advanced settings then go to the setting, for managing your messages.

How to delete Yahoo Mail app on iPhone?

In case you want to delete your yahoo mail app on your iPhone because you are getting a number of mails on your iPhone mail. So to delete Yahoo! Mail Account in iPhone Mail, you need to follow these steps:

  • First of all you need to go to Settings in your Mail accounts.
  • Now select your Yahoo account and then turn your Mail to off.
  • This step will hide your Yahoo! account on iPhone email. By doing this you also will not see your account in the list of mailboxes in your iPhone Mail.

If you want to delete your Yahoo mail, then at the bottom of the screen of your mail choose Delete Account. If you click Delete Account it will remove all the reminders, and contacts linked with your iPhone that were imported from that account. So, before doing this think a bit more.

If you need any kind of help or assistance regarding How to install & delete yahoo mail App on iPhone? then you can simply dial toll free Yahoo customer care number +1-888-900-0401 for Yahoo and get customized solutions accordingly.

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