July 9, 2020
google chrome not working

Google Chrome not working

Google chrome is a browser which is widely recognized and used all across the world. It is known for the speed, accuracy and many other features which make it worth using. However, no matter what, facing technical issues with Google chrome is found to be pretty common. Since it is one of the most commonly used web browsers, you should know what to do if you face an issue where Google Chrome not working. Fortunately, we are equipped with a variety of solutions which can offer you quick and easy troubleshooting for any issue that you may be facing with Google Chrome. Check out the following steps which can easily and sure that you are having a smooth experience with Chrome.

How to fix when Google chrome not working in Windows 10

  • Update Google chrome so that any bug fixes can be eliminated out of the way of your experience.
  • Try close the other tabs and folders that you may have open on your Windows 10 PC. This will help you to free up space so that Google chrome can work properly, and does not give you any hassle.
  • Reset and clean up Google Chrome by going to the ‘Settings’ and uninstalling any software that you may have.
  • If you get a proxy error and non availability of webpage anytime you open up chrome, then you will need to restart chrome to see the troubleshooting.
  • Check for the speed of your internet.
  • Try to open a particular web page in another browser to find out if the problem lies with the URL or your browser.
  • If Google Chrome not working, check for any malware or virus that may take place on your PC, making it difficult for Google chrome to function properly.
  • Uninstall Google chrome from your device and reinstall it for a better experience.

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