July 9, 2020
Google calendar not syncing

Google Calendar not Syncing

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Many technophiles try new options to explore interesting use of technology. These individuals are keen to explore new uses and new ways of using technology. These days’ people love to synchronize their Google calendar app with their Microsoft Outlook account. But even after their best attempt of doing it, some individuals are not successful in doing this. So, are you also trying this amalgamation of these two different platforms and are not successful in doing so. Don’t worry; you can have a look at the possible fixes of the issue related to Google calendar not syncing.

Steps to solve the issues related to Google calendar not syncing:

  • First of all check your internet connection before taking any other steps. If internet or Wi-Fi connection is appropriate then proceed ahead to take some other steps.
  • To properly synchronize these two apps, it is important that Google calendar must be visible. To check it, hit the Google calendar application and explore it to go to top left. After that hit on menu icon, now you will be able to see calendar name. Ensure that the corresponding box is tick. If not make sure to do it.
  • To solve this issue you can also try to import Google calendar to Microsoft Outlook. To accomplish this step, go to File menu and click on open option. Now you will be able to view import and export option. Click on import and select an option to import I-calendar file. This will make the synchronization process work smoothly.
  • Also make sure that from time to time various events are being added to your Google calendar. It is easy to connect active Google calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

Google Calendar not syncing with Outlook

If even after taking these steps, you still feel that you are still facing issues in the process of Google calendar not syncing with Outlook. So, it is red alarm for you. Try taking other steps in this regard. Contact Google customer support or even you can fetch renowned third-party assistance in this regard.

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