August 9, 2020
Gmail not working on Android

Gmail Not Loading on Android device

Gmail is regarded as one of the most important web-mail account among the users for sharing crucial information to the clients at any time for free. A huge number of users are using Gmail account on their Android as well as Apple devices. Specially, the android device can’t work properly without a Gmail account. To access Gmail account on any of the devices a user needs to enter the email address and password. But at times, when a user encounters with Gmail not loading on android device then he have to follow certain steps to get it fixed in time.

Follow the steps If Gmail Not Loading On Android Device:

  1. Open Android device and then try to enter the email ID and password.
  2. Tap the sign button if not loading despite entering the correct log in information.
  3. Tap to the phone setting and tap the account and then select Unsync your Gmail account temporarily option.
  4. Select the account and then Uncheck Gmail.
  5. Check Gmail Remove Gmail Account and setup again.
  6. Now click the re-establish account and then clear the App’s cache and data and move to the next.
  7. Open Phone settings and select application manager,
  8. Swipe to all to Choose Gmail and tap the Clear cache and data decreases the days to sync.
  9. Now Open the Gmail app settings and select the account
  10. Tap the “Days to sync” and try limiting it to 30 days or less.
  11. Make sure that Background data is enabled and the go back to the mobile settings.
  12. Scroll down to Gmail and make sure that “Restrict background data” is not selected.
  13. Reset the android device and then start the Gmail account now.

It is hope, now a user is able to log in his Gmail account on his android device smoothly.

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