August 9, 2020

File Explorer Not Responding

File Explorer is an application which helps you to manage all the files, documents and drive that you have on your Windows 10. It uses a graphical interface to give you access to all the contents that you have on your drives. Therefore, it is found to be an important tool while you are working on your PC. However, there are reports of Windows 10 users that File Explorer not responding. In such a case, you can follow the guidance provided below and get a smooth performance of File Explorer

How to fix if, File Explorer not responding Windows 10

  • Start your task manager by filling in the appropriate command. Doing a right click on your mouse on ‘Windows Explorer’, you will be able to find multiple options. Choose ‘end task’ to stop the file explorer. Restarting it by running a new task will enable you to solve the problem.
  • If File Explorer is not responding Windows 10 is a problem that you have been facing, then you can easily resolve it by using the command box. Type taskkill /f /im explorer.exe in the command box and run. You will be able to see all the icons of the taskbar disappeared and reappeared again, indicating that file explorer has restarted manually.
  • Clear all the history of the file explorer to make it easier for it to run. This can be done by going to the control panel and clicking on the ‘file explorer options’.
  • If you tried to change your display setting which are not suited for your system, file explorer may face issue working properly. Reset the display settings to the one switch configure to your system.
  • Corruptions and viruses on your drive may make it difficult for File Explorer to open properly. Open the command box of Windows 10, and enter ‘cmd’. After this, type out the prompt ‘sfc /scan now’ to scan for any potential virus that you may have on your system.

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