July 9, 2020
Facing Mozilla Firefox Black Screen Issues?

Facing Mozilla Firefox Black Screen Issues?

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Are you also Facing Mozilla Firefox Black Screen Issues? imagine you are browsing the internet and the screen suddenly turns black! Irritated? Concentration is broken? Though the problem is not unusual and happens in almost all browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera Mini but when it happens with Firefox, it is more troublesome.

This may happen after you have installed a new driver, extension, antivirus, or any new software. Sometimes upgrading to Windows 10 also creates Mozilla Firefox black screen issues.

Initially, you may decide to switch to another browser. But doing this will waste all your hard work done on installing various extensions and time spent on it. Also, you become familiar to it and working with new browser means repeating all this process again.

Facing Mozilla Firefox Black Screen Issues? try the solutions below:

You can fix this problem, but since you can’t even access the browser on the first place, you need other methods to do that. Let’s have a look to them:

Scanning the Computer:

There is a possibility that your computer is facing a virus attack.  Your computer is susceptible to virus attack when you work online, connect external devices, hard drives etc. So, first scan your computer with a licensed anti-virus before looking for other fixes. It is very simple to install an anti-virus to your system.  After installing, scan your system and restart the computer.

If there was any virus causing black screen problem, it will be removed. And the problem will be resolved.

Issues with recently installed software:

If the problem persists, check if you have installed new software recently. The newly installed software sometimes interferes with Firefox and affects it’s working. If you install third-party software without checking its reliability, you may harm your computer system in many ways.

To resolve the issue rose after installing new software, you have to un install them one by one if they are more than one. If you are fortunate enough to remember that after which installation this problem has started, remove that software first.

To start with, open your Windows OS control panel and look for ‘Programs and Features’ folder. You need to restart your computer after uninstalling each software. Also, don’t forget to check Firefox after uninstalling any software, if the problem continues, go for next uninstallation.

You need to Disable Hardware Acceleration within Firefox:

Hardware acceleration is there to enhance the performance of browser. It enables the hardware to perform the actions that the software isn’t able to perform as effectively. But the drawback of using it is it sometimes results into the black screen problem as it clashes with some graphic processors and drivers. You can easily disable Hardware Acceleration by unchecking the Hardware Acceleration option present in the ‘Performance folder’ of the ‘General Folder’.

Safe Mode method:

If you have recently added an extension to your browser, starting Firefox in Safe Mode will solve the black- screen issue. This step actually disables all the extensions of browser. Just hold down the shift key while starting the browser. Or you may follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings and open the help menu,
  • click on ‘Restart with Add-ons Disabled’.
  • A pop-up screen will appear, click Restart on it.
  • Now select Start in Safe Mode option.

Follow the above methods; definitely one of them will work for you. Or you can call us on our toll free number +1-888-900-0401

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